My Quiet Place

Happy 2015

Well in 2014 we went through the Bible in chronological order. Thank you for all of the people who joined my journey.

I do plan on reading it again this year with my church and Pastor. I personally use the ESV study Bible. I like this version because of the ease of reading it. My husband loves the old King James because he likes fancy words.. (hehehe).


I did find a website that i am going to be using this year… I thought I would just share the link I you wanted to see where I am going…

Here it is:

There are a lot of Bible study tools, but I think that the most important thing to do in 2015 is to really learn and understand your own faith. Know what you believe and know WHY you believe it.


I am looking forward to setting up a Bible study in my own home with people who can question me and push me to learn more and truly understand God’s word.


Happy 2015 and let’s make this a wonderful year of learning and understanding God’s word!