My Quiet Place

Server Issues



This past week was challenging as the new server decided to be uncooperative.  First there was a memory leak which caused it to slow down at exactly the same time as the daily reading is supposed to post.  This led to failures not noticed until morning.  The slow server got worse until the site simply wouldn’t load at all.

At one point the database server crashed bringing down all the sites hosted there.  After restarting it only this one was determined to be corrupted; I nearly deleted it all and started over.  Arvixe support had to be tired of me, but they went in one more time and recovered the site’s database bringing it all back.

It took a week and half a dozen calls to Arvixe but everything seems to be back up to speed.  Gina’s determination to continue with this project, in spite of the mounting excuses to quit, is a testament to her passion for God’s Word.  I hope this site inspires someone to read God’s Word, but if no one else does, I know Gina is learning how it changes us.